Dating and weight? What's your opinion?

For people who are in the "average" spectrum of weight, is it better to wait to look for a partner after the weight is more optimal or to just go for it?

I'm talking about an average (not athletic) BMI of 23-24, which isn't unhealthy but isn't really sexy, either.

  • Lose weight, then date
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  • Date whenever
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  • BMI isn't too reliable since you don't know what that weight consist of; it could be muscle, it could be dense bones, huge boobs or a big ass.
    Its just too inaccurate, it really can only be used well by people who are clearly over weight or under.

    To answer your poll tho, date whenever, that way if you get hot later, you know they're not with you just for your sexy.

    • I do agree about bmi. I look the best at a lower weight, but I wasn't sure how to explain that.

    • Good thing i did it for you haha

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What Guys Said 2

  • Date now and lose weight at the same time. You'll probably be less full of yourself if you still haven't lost the weight! And just be a better jollier self (pun not intended). Also wouldn't it be really cool if the person really liked you and then you self improved and lost all of that weight while you were already dating? Talk about him/her chasing you after that!

  • For me I would lose the weight then date that way I'm not constantly self conscious about myself

    • Why not date WHILE losing weight? Losing weight long term takes months

    • I can agree with that cuz it builds confidence looking for someone while bettering yourself. . A friend told me the same thing

What Girls Said 4

  • As long as he's in the healthy range, I don't care. A little chub doesn't bother me really as long as its just a little

    • I worded that kind of funny, didn't I? How about for yourself? Which would you prefer?

    • Oh jk I read it wrong... I prefer to keep myself of the low end. Mines around an 19 and I want that to stay

  • someone is at a healthy BMI/weight they should have absolutely no problem dating...come on now people do we really think only underweight people are desirable?

  • I think that those BMI's are fine and if you're comfortable date. But if you don't like you, how can you expect someone else to?

    • I didn't mean for that to sound rude. You can be a healthy BMI and be quite fit, keep in mind. It doesn't account more muscle mass or anything. If you like your body, get out there! If not, spend time working on you.

  • Nothing wrong with average body will be fine dating.