How not to appear needy on online dating?

How not to look needy on online dating? And not look desperate?


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  • Most guys can't get a girl so in real life so they go online. Some just want to meet people from different places. Also a few are desperate and needy. Don't message often, if she replies with ok its a given she don't want a proper convo if she seems to respond well then continue. Needy is when you tend to ignore the fact that she's giving one word answers yet your waffling about your day. Its cringey lol.

    • I can get a girl in real life I'm just shy that's why I do online dating it's easier for me.. sorry

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    • How is that kool?

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  • Try to just be casual, everyone on the site is looking for a partner so there's nothing really that needy about it.

    • Thanks for putting things in perspective

  • Everybody on a dating website is also on a dating website. If being on a dating site makes you needy, they are needy too.

    • I'm not saying they are needy.. a lot of people don't go out. . I'm asking in my convos with women how do I not appear needy?

    • Ohhhh gotcha. Okay. Don't focus completely on them. I mean it's good to ask them questions about themselves and stuff but important to talk about yourself too. And just don't be too eager. If someone stops responding, just move on to the next one.

    • Thank you celestisldaeva

  • When a girl winks or messages you, don't send her a message within minutes. It appears that you only spend your time hitting refresh on your browser.

    Also, if you send a girl a message and she doesn't respond right away (or ever) don't keep sending her messages. Just bow out gracefully.

    And, please get a phone number (texting or talking over the phone) to get to know someone before asking to meet in person. Take it slow! No need to rush!

    • I do hit refresh constantly. . That's funny you knew

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  • Don't go on one at all. Everybody on there is desperate.

    • Ok.. thanks for your response. I just go on there cuz I'm scared of women

    • So what happens when you eventually meet one?

    • Once I meet them I'm fine... The ice would have already been broken

  • Unless you are a super hunk the only chasing you will have are the lowest of the low on those sites.

    And chasing those makes you desperate.

    • Not true.. I've had some decent looking women messaging me.

    • Obviously not being you are posting here trying not to look desperate.

      if people are messaging you there wouldn't be a need to be desperate.

      Also those are called Bots.