Ladies: What would you say is the TOP 3-5 things a guy looks for in a lady when it comes to WIFE?

My last question GAGers lol
Ladies, I had a conversation with a lady friend of mine the other day and as we were strolling on a beautiful summers day with our ray bans on, talking about the sexes and our similarities and differences, what women need, why honesty is so important an why love and protection means so much to ladies.

I asked her what she thought was important in making a man happy and in turn, look after her?

I was very surprised with her response! So surprised infact that We spent the rest of that afternoon interviewing guys and girls on a busy highstreet to see how well you women know men. The results showed a massive gap in understanding.

Lets see how well you really know guys :-). We're all learning in this world regardless of age.

I think this question can help bridge some understanding so that you ladies can rest assured that your ticking off all of a mans physical and emotional needs.

I can't answer all of your opinions myself, beaus I'm only one man with one opinion. Lol

GUYS if you agree with any ladies opinion, let her know. If not, let's have a interesting debate!

No Fighing please, everyone's entitled to their own opinion.

Many Thanks Team GAG!

*****Guys!! ****** can you state the 3-5 things you need in a woman to make you happy!!! I should have added that in the original questions tbh.. #LiveAndLearn.


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  • Oh this is a neat little social experiment. Let's see...

    1) Personality - She should have some personality. No guy is going to date a boring girl let alone stay with her for the long term.

    2) Attractive to him - Of course he should be attracted to her physically, but she doesn't necessarily have to be considered attractive/hot by other people (like beauty is in the eye of the beholder sort of thing).

    3) Intelligence - Kind of like the personality thing. Guys don't want to be with a dumb girl for the long term. I'm not saying she should be a super genius, but having average intelligence is good.

    4) Supportive - Guys want: Someone who will support him in his endeavours for personal or professional growth. Take his side and stick by him even if she doesn't feel the same way. Care for him if he is sick - that especially goes for long term sickness.

    5) Sexual compatibility - Lack of sexual satisfaction is a HUGE reason for why couples split up. He needs to be sure that she can meet his sexual needs (also that he can meet her needs).

    This can all go the reverse way as well, like the top things a woman might look for in a potential long term boyfriend/husband.

    • You've sold me, A***

      In the description I added to this question I spoke of a day out with a friend and my surprise to her response. The main reason being that she NEVER once thought about sexual compatibility.

      Instead, she spoke only of her fairytale world illusion, she expected guys to want what she wanted them to want.

      This became a recurring theme as we strolled down the high street.

      The most shocking thing about some of the replies to this question as well as those from random ladies we stopped- was that

      The sheer level that ladies DEVALUE the meaning of sex to a man. Some genuinely genuinely believe that it isn't important to our happiness!!

      @Paulina528 said something beautifully honest, but showed the ugly truth behind many ladies mentalities.

      As a whole, you scored full marks and rightly deserve your prize.

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    • Loool I believe you did cover friendship within 1 & 3. Friendship will naturally spawn if two people who match on 1 & 3 hang around long enough.

      Personally for me, sexual compatibility can not be budged or placed as a lower importance. that's our souls fusing together to see whether they can become one. I'm a Scorpio you see. Lol

    • I guess I did cover friendship, I just felt like I skirted around it. My own relationship evolved from a friendship.

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  • 1. takes care of herself
    2. takes care of her man
    3. takes care of children
    4. is good at solving problems
    5. is educated

  • 1. A girl that can cook
    2. Attractiveness
    3. Sex
    4. A girl that will always have his back
    5. Similar interest

    (And I have to add a 6)

    6. Take care of their family him/kids

    That's what I think a guy wants I'm a wife.

    • It has no specific order

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    • Oh.. You meant 'in' a wife. Lol I was about to say! When did you tie the knot? When you were 12? Haha

      Oohhh I wish there was a 'Second Most Helpful' answer button. You would have got it. :-) thank you for your time and opinion again.

    • Aww thanks that's sweet but I'm just glad to have helped =)

  • They go back to the basics. Is she a wife and mother material?
    Her family and breeding.
    If he is able to outshine her.
    There are other variables involved based on his own personal issues.

  • 1.) They can cook
    2.) Good personality
    3.) Good sense of humor
    4.) Good taste in music
    5.) Looks.

  • A couple more to add can she cook, does she get along with her family and yours, is she independent, is she a neat freak or is she messy, is she a smoker or non smother. I personally wouldn't date a guy who doesn't cook or won't cook.

    • Lol well that makes sense, you're more mature so you tend to be more set in your ways. But overall I'd grade your understanding of males happiness in my opinion a C- lol

  • 1) Good personality
    2) Takes care of him (can cook etc. etc. loves him and is good in bed)
    3) Understanding
    4) Loyal
    5) Attractive

    • Dayy-um. This one is closest

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    • I guess it's fine if they want to be fixed, I have some things that I lack and want to improve and I therefore tend to look for someone who has this. However I also want to be able to help him, maybe he has something I can fix. It's all about completing each other.

      That was a very weird respond, especially if you guys had long convos I don't see the problem. Haha, you are also one clever guy, no wonder they are using you. I will pm with a better answer on your comments. I just got home after being in school and library. So I am going to bed, hopefully I will think much clearer tomorrow. :)

    • Ps. Sorry for my English I am just so tired now that my eyes are almost closed.

  • Attractive, supportive and loving, loyal, cooks and cleans, compatible personality

  • 1) Loyalty
    2) Intelligent
    3) Good personality
    4) Looks
    5) Affection & Honesty

    • Thank you Paulina, you're a young girl so your opinion on my next question I feel will be honest and less contaminated by the cruelties of life as opposed to some of the older ladies.
      Why do you think ladies who don't have these aspects seek relationships? And by that I mean, women who aren't as intelligent as the guy they want. Or have a self sufficient and balanced personality which I define as having a good personality, not to mention honesty.. Why do women that don't have these traits seek relationships?

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    • Brilliant insight, it's also kind of tragic because you've basically said that the mentality of women is to look find men who have value...smarter etc. And take value from him... But he must accept her for who she is, although she hasn't got what it takes to make him happy.

      The basis of business (i.e relationships) is the exchange of value. There must be an even exchange of value for things to work.

      If my clients believe I no longer have the value needed to satisfy there needs, they'd leave me.

      I'm understanding better now why ladies are so horribly unsuccessful with men.

      The hard part now is putting together an article to help them see this lol they can be stubborn people lol

      Thank you for your opinion again Paulina. :)

    • *satisfy their needs



  • 1. attentive/supportive
    2. attractive
    3. domestically-inclined
    4. humble
    5. loyal

    • Thank you COCKCHANEL for your opinion. You always have an opinion which makes you one of the most useful people of this site lol

      Although, even you have missed something.. Help me understand something, all these traits you've listed. You and I both know that a lot of ladies that seek relationships don't have one, two or even all of these traits. In your opinion Why do so many ladies want a relationship without having these traits in abundance first?

    • they don't know what men want or they want to challenge tradition

    • I see. My aims to reprogram women to understand what it is to be in a mans head.. But first I have to fully understand what it's like being in a woman's lol

      I spent 2 hours doing my makeup this morning and I woke up feeling bloated... -____- it sucks being a chick so far.. Lol

      Thank you again.

  • Why did u take your pic off lol u looked smexy dawggg

  • What is it that guys want in a wife?

    • Well.. You have to answer the question first. :-)

      Each guy is different, but they'll be a general unconscious theme I'm guessing... We'll have to wait and see if any guy answers. You could always attract guys to this question.

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    • Wait... Wrong person lol

    • Check the most helpful Answer

  • 1. Good looks and behavior that sustains them

    2. Selfless

    3. Loyal


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  • Must love Iron Maiden.
    Beautiful to me.
    A sense of humour similar to mine
    Good morals
    Not overly needy

  • Condition: She should not be a feminist.

    P.S: Come at me.

    • Loool that was one of my major ones!

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    • I think he means like one of those extreme feminists that believe women should be superior to men rather than equal.

    • Yep, I'd agree with that... It's so offputting. Why they're still feminists out there I will never know. Everything's out in the open and women have the same rights as men in the law now!! But they were born with it anyway!