Possible to get back with an ex after she dates another guy?

is it possible to get back with an ex girlfriend after you two break up and she dates another guy (and they break up)?

i mean of course it is possible, but is it more likely you will get back together if you two are not dating anyone after you break up? meaning between the time you break up and get back together no one else in involved.

i ask this because I was dating a girl and we broke up 3 months ago (but when we did we talked about maybe hanging out down the line and see what happened). she got a new guy a month later and they just broke up.


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  • Possible? Yes.

    Will it work? Possibly. But in my experience,the odds are against it working out with an ex if you get back together. The same problems tend to crop up as the first time around.

    • Yea .. that's why I am a bit unsure.

      because there is a reason you broke up in the first place...so there surely will be a reason you will break up again.

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  • All things are possible. A lot of times those rebound relationships never work. They usually do it so they don't have the guilt or the heartache. If both you and her are genuinely interested in seeing what might progress between the two of you. It also may be that she just wasn't interested in that guy or is after a new guy. I think I may be at that point right now too with my ex and who knows what she is thinking. Maybe she just needs alone time right now or maybe she realized that the new guy and live up to the standards you set and she may come back to you. Its all speculation without really knowing for sure