Does he want anything more from this or should I just walk away now?

I'm in this really silly situation, so it feels. I'm 'seeing' this guy and it's been going on since January, we're really off and on but it's pretty casual. Recently though I've been getting a bit tired of casual... He is so up and down, one minute he's asking me to be his girlfriend but turns out to be a joke? He says 'I love you ' as a joke? He plans to see me for a day or two at a time, then all of a sudden he switches off. I obviously get a little pissed off at this, which I think he's gathered but then he says 'we're not going...' and then stops. We're not going out is exactly what he was about to say. I just don't understand, it's so frustrating like what does he really want from me?


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  • With many of today's toms, I find they are sporadic, unpredictable and yes-----noncommittal as well. And when scared, they will grow Cold duck feet and waddle quickly back into the murky waters from which they came from. This one is no exception to my golden goose rule, and on top of it all, Daffy is also being a------Big Dick.
    Since you have been Seeing nothing more than a 'casual con' artist at its finest, should be telling you that for the past five months, he is playing head games, because he really doesn't know what he wants right now, Nor with Whom. One minute he likes you for his folly friend, the next minute he Thinks he may want you for More, 'telling' you so too, and Other times...he merely puts you on his pay no mind list. He doesn't even know if you both have Real chemistry, because he doesn't give you a chance to find out. The only Convo he actually Sparks up is for laughs and giggles, which you don't find anything worth rolling down the aisle over. Who can blame you, or even take him seriously. This is His quirky, quaky way of playing it safe.
    He continues to keep you at arm's length, and being you fall for his act, he feels he can just continue stringing you along like a sweet lollipop, until he decides One day what he Really wants...which could be Never. And who knows...when he would get tired of Act One, he might even move on to Act Two.
    Frankly, you're wasting your time on this jester. In my book, you deserve to be with someone with more of a head on his shoulders, and if you stand for what this Bozo has to offer in his three ring circus, you will most likely always having to stoop for his poop scoop piece he tosses your way.
    Move on, sweetie, you can do better. The year is still young. You could get old real quick waiting for this court jester to make up his mind to stop juggling the jokes. The longer you stay, the more 'frustrating' And Infuriating it will get. Tell Ollie the Laurel and Hardy show is over...
    Good luck.x

    • Thank you, this was a real eye opener!!

    • I'm a pro on relationships, today's toms...and control freaks. Let me know when you find one of These guys..:)) xx

    • Haha I will do :) x

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  • Have you two had sex yet?

    • Yes haha?

    • Then he's just in it for the sex. The only logical reason why he would cancel the "dates" is so that you or him don't develop feelings for each other and become a serious couple.

    • He doesn't cancel, he just changes. Why does he ask me out frequently as a joke?

  • He's playing games and your since your giving him sex..well he wants to keep you around

    • So it's just convenience, no real feelings?

    • Sounds like it to me. He's asking you out as a joke to keep you interested in my opinion. I saw a guy do this and thing to a girl. The second he was cut off he never talked to her again. Try not sleeping with him and see what his reaction is. If he does want something more he will respect that if he doesn't you'll know the truth very fast.

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