Am I datable? Having a hard time dating again.?

I'm worried about myself on the dating market. My boyfriend of 5 years broke it off the other day because of his parents divorce and "he doesn't think he can ever love or commit again". He was my high school sweetheart and we really loved each other but still. I'm 5'8, African American and I play a lot of sports. I love the walking dead, video games, and reading. I also have a personal relationship with God and intend to keep myself for marriage. What does that do for me in the dating market?
P.S. I have a hard time bc most guys of my own race who don't know me find me "odd" (say I act white? whatever that means) and other guys outside of my race don't approach me.


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  • You sound very dateable to me!

    As far as guys not approaching you, as a guy I'll tell you that it gets our attention when a girl shows interest in us. Suddenly she comes off as interesting and attractive more so than the other girls. Unfortunately most girls are not willing to take any initiative at all to show they have an interest in a guy. Give it a try, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

    Out of curiosity, what does it mean for an African American girl to "act white"? Sounds pretty racist to me and I would think you wouldn't want to be with those kinds of guys anyway.

    • well I listen to a lot of pop/indie kinda music and when i talk over the phone with people a lot are surprised when they find out I'm African American. My mother calls me her "hippie flower child" because I like mostly organic/healthy foods. Many black guys just find me "odd" or "different" from the stereotypical "loud, vulgar, speaking flat" black women that you see exaggerated on those reality shows. Also I wear my natural hair although its quite straight because my grandmother was Cherokee.

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    • Thanks for MH. Your profile pic is gorgeous!

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  • Guys might not approach women in general for several reasons, probably too many to name here. And I doubt it's race, or anything "wrong" with you.

    I'd be hesitant to approach, but it's more about my shyness and my assumptions... I'd assume you were already in a relationship. Many women don't give off an "heir of approachability." Many that I see or could potentially meet make it difficult to approach. They usually have the "DON'T COME NEAR ME" look. I'm not saying YOU do this, I'm just saying I see it, so I'm leery about "approaching."

    I would think you were dateable, based just on this information alone.

    And I don't get why so many people have to try to "insult" others because they presumably don't "act white" or "act black" (yeah, whatever that means). Don't worry about that at all. If that's going to be their deciding factor, then you don't want to date them.

  • You're white-washed. You like all the things white people like. You probably even act white - that means the way you talk, walk, think. It's not a bad thing but obviously you're different in a cultural way from them. so what those guys are saying is that they can't handle you culturally.

    Guys outside your race don't approach you because they're thinking like the black guys. They think that you're black, that you act black, that you won't be into them or that you're too culturally dissimilar.

    You could also just be plain old ugly and not many guys from ANY race approach you lol. Hey, I'm just being realistic.

    As far as your faith and being celibate you won't have any issues. That's probably better for you because the horny dudes that only want sex will tire of you quickly and move on. You'll more than likely end up with quality guys that actually care about you.

    lmao... hard time dating again. You sound like you're a divorcee in her 40's!

  • What would make you think you aren't dateable? Regardless of skin color, you sound like a cool chill laid back person who be a good catch for anyone :)

  • I love making out and having sex with Africans. I love to suck on her fat lips when we kiss and get a nice juicy BJ.

  • can't tell without a picture.

  • You would be very attractive and sought after by guys near here. But our area is filled with nerdy white guys. We (mostly) all mostly love the things you listed above. My best advice... Get a few girls and go watch a game or two at a sports bar... You will meet tons of guys... And from the sounds of it... You are a great catch!

    • thanks! do you think it's disrespectful to date so soon after breaking up?

    • I would date but also in a respectful way. Don't flaunt it but you need to move on. Also my advice is... Think like a man... What do men ho what do they like and do... Also be aggressive meaning... We haven't a clue about hints glances or body language... Walk up say hi and smile while you look him in the eye. Be bold... Its how my wife got me! =) (also if you do pick a white guy I am jealous) =)

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