Ladies what do you want in a man? No girl wants me so I need to change.?

I'm a 23 year old university student. My dating life is non existent beside one girl who was way to attached and too quick with everything. I have trouble making friends and am pretty shy but I feel like I'm a nice person, I would always be there for a friend or help them out.

With the ladies it's even worse, I just don't have the confidence to approach women cause I'm pretty sure they're repulsed by me. I'm 6'4 and weigh 230lbs so I'm pretty overweight and girls hate it.

Back in high school girls didn't like me either and often mistook my shyness for arrogance.

I like making music, sports, the cinema and travel, partying not so much but going out to eat with people is cool

How do you think I could change to maybe get a date someday? I know I need to work on my body but even with a better look I doubt women would like me I must be giving off some unsympathetic vibes unknowingly.

Every direct and honest answer goes a long way for me! Thanks!


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  • Be positive! Practise confident speach and approach.Start with little things like a nice convo with a cashier and ull get that open person vibe.Highlight your positive and attractive sides.And u need to know this:dont be disscouraged by girls who turn you down.Dont let it make you think there's something wrong about you;ur just not her type or she wants someone else.Just move on to the next one that catches your eye.Be relaxed cuz girls can tell when a boy is desperate.And loosing weight isn't a bad idea, but in the meanwhile nice posture and grooming really makes guys attractive! Be friendly and playfull.Now these are some if you want to find a girl to date.If you actualy just want a hoe to bang like most guys, just have a pimp car and be a douche at fancy parties.Anyways whatever ur looking forwish u the best of luck :)


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  • Get into a hobby, something you really enjoy to do. Do what you love and you might find who you love, too.


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  • Not a girl but can give you a few pointers which helped me.

    Hit the gym to gain confidence. Start making friends with females to help network yourself to a girl and to gain confidence in talking to women.

    Clean yourself up get a new haircut clean shaven or slightly trimmed pretty much be presentable like you'd expect from a girl.

    And everything else is totally how you handle the situation

    its all just advice

  • lose some weight dude.

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