When we aren't together, I feel a little rejected?

Me and my ex have been seeing each other. We have perfect days together. We get food, chat, laugh, have sex, cuddle, make out, just generally have a great time. He says some really cute stuff to me that means so much.

However, I have some mental issues and i think he might too. He has been getting in some really bad moods and when he gets like this becomes so solitary and easily annoyed. He says that I at least get responses to his messages at this time as many people don't.

The thing that annoys me though is that although he isn't a very proactive messaged, i barely hear from him when we aren't hanging out, ESPECIALLY if he goes home from uni for the weekend. I will get replies if i message, but i feel like he doesn't want me/like me when i'm not around. A friend with a bf of 5 years says she sometimes feels that way and it's just a boy thing though.

Don't say stop seeing him, because we have both tried a few times and just get pulled back together. When we are around each other I feel so loved and wanted (most the time, not when he's grumpy) but so not the rest of the time.


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  • Some people need space. I know I do. I have a very limited quota of human contact that I can handle and I hate phones in general. That doesn't necessarily mean he is just rejecting you


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  • I definitely wouldn't say stop seeing him. My boyfriend is like that (minimal communication when we aren't together) and I think it's a good thing - you don't want to be one of those couples who updates one another on what you're eating, where you are, and all of that all day.

    The problem is just that you are being a little clingy (no worries, we all feel that way sometimes) and insecure. If you're happy with him and trust him, you just have to be more accepting that he's not into texting and calling.

    The moodiness would piss me off though.

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