For guys and girls: what have you done to impress someone you like?

What is the craziest or most romantic that you've done to impress a girl or guy you like?


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  • breakfast in bed.
    i made my first and most horrible batch of cinnamon swirl pancakes. made him horrible coffee too. i thought it was cute.


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  • Proposed in front of the whole damn class and also the teacher was there. Actually she already knew coz of one girl who knew it, told her but I din't know that she knew it. Proposal went 1 hour long it was indirect but everyone was intimidated at how crazy this guy could be even the teacher was like could someone be this bold. I started it with I am a shy guy LMAO

    • great,, then, what happend?

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    • Mixed reactions. I mean she was intimidated, impressed and bound to think this guy can do anything in a positive as well as negative way. I did not know 5 minutes before doing it that I am going to do something like this, I did not plan it its just the way I am.

    • ie. she gives the answer right away or later..

  • I didn't treat as badly as the ugly girls :)

  • I shaved my balls.


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