Guys/men, are these signs he likes me?

I know we've seen a million of these questions, lmao, but please comment. I know a guy through work who's on the West Coast - anyway he's been here with me in person last year.

He did flirt in person and was cute, but also very moody with everyone in general for his own reasons.

But I talked to him recently as we might be working on a new project together and he was all explaining why he hadn't kept in touch lately (had family issues in another state) and then he was all complimenting me on how much I get done; saying that I'm amazing, lol

So I'm just trying to figure out how to cut to the chase and not waste more time. I like him. So if you think he likes me, tell me so and then help me figure out what to do to get this moving along lol


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  • Well guys don't just tell women they are amazing. So there is something there. it is really nice when women take the lead. You are older so the thing I tell the younger girls may not work for you. I would expect an older woman to just ask me out if she was interested. or verbally communicate she is open to it. I tell younger women to put all their contact info on a piece of paper, fold it up, then walk up to the guy hand it to him and just say "I hope to hear from you." but you are already talking to this guy. So just tell him what you are feeling and see what happens. seems to me it should work out.

    • I can't tell you how helpful it is having your insight because I wouldn't know what guys say or don't say to a woman so this helps me feel more confident in going forward :)

    • well good luck.

    • Thanks, not sure I'll hear from him today, hope so :)

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  • Yeah he likes you and by your age you should already know from experience when a brah a joooooooooooooooocy brah likes you.

    • It never changes, we always never know, lmaooo I used to think so too!

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