What causes people to be scared of girls?

I guess I am still scared I know fear of rejection plays a part, but I don't know why I have that fear.


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  • Humans are naturally afraid of the unknown, so lack of experience could be a possible reason or the fact that you don't know the girl so well. It might just be because the girl is very attractive, which intimidates most guys and sends the shy guys running for the hills.

    • Probbly some truth to that.

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    • Don't look at the bad things that may happen if you do talk to a girl. Keep in mind of all the things you can gain!

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  • Stop putting girls on a pedestal. Change your mindset. When you look at a girl and get intimidated by her beauty know that you won't feel intimidated when you look at an ugly one. So treat all girls the way you would treat your long lost buddy from wonderland.

  • Lack of experience.

  • They're scary. I'm horrified to talk to them! What if they don't like me!!

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