Is he just a typical asshole should I assume the worst?

I know this seems obvious but what are signs that he is keeping you on a string or playing (using you) and never has any intention to commit to you.
I have been dating a guy for a few months. The last few weeks he has been really hot and cold however he has been blaming me as to why he is cold. Like I am being too paranoid or whatever and its pushing him to be like that or he is just really tired from work as to why he hasn't called because he was just wanting to relax etc. A few nights ago I got a bit stuck into him as to why he keeps being like this as I wasn't buying his bullshit. I can't take his change in attitude to me and I know I am not doing much wrong to warrant this reduction in communication and seemingly interest. It just seemed he couldnt be bothered even disucssing anything with me he basically yelled at me to calm down and I just kept going though I was sick of it he was then like fuck off and hung up. he has said some curse words before though. I have not contacted him and he has not contacted me for a few days. Does he have any intention of contacting me again or was his fuck off term just because he was getting really heated on the phone and just wanted me to shutup maybe because I was calling him out on the truth. Is he over me now? I kind of hope he is actually. I dont really want to hear from him again but would be nice to know what he is thinking.


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  • yeah he is over you. he found someone else. now move on


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  • you right! he is an asshole

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