Have you ever had a feeling where kissing someone you liked kissing before didn't feel good anymore?

I was in an on and off w this guy for a long time. I didn't walk away as soon as I should have for my own dignity. Anyhow I realized I was strong enough to leave after kissing him didn't make me feel good anymore. I used to love kissing him more than anything but at this point he had just been such a jerk and liar and disrespectful that kissing him no longer was fun because i didn't trust him anymore. Had this happened to anyone else before?


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  • I think thats normal and very healthy you can recognize it.

    when you're attracted to some you feel good about them and feel good that they feel good about you. when they are disrespectful you feel bad about them -and possibly yourself depending on where your confidence is at.

    it is perfectly reasonable that you'd no longer feel good being intimate with them. i think it would be worrisome if you still liked it.

  • No, if i like kissing a person that doesn't change but my heart does