Do looks matter or not when dating?

If your not really attracted to someone would you still give them a chance because they seem nice? Or if you know your not into them straight off their looks would you turn them down? If you wouldn't go out with them how do you let them down easy

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  • I would definitely give them a chance, no doubt about that. It also helps that I'm not really as 'visual' as most other men. Looks aren't my priority at all, and I'm willing to give a chance to anyone as long as she doesn't look hideous (and I don't consider any woman in the world 'hideous').

    I know about all these long lectures people give regarding 'physical attraction', but I firmly believe that judging someone based on their looks (which includes rejecting a person based sorely on looks) is EXTREMELY unfair. No one gets to choose how they looks when they are born, so its not right to judge people for something beyond their control (unless the person is obese, which is usually due to his/her careless eating habits).


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  • I would never go out with someone I wouldn't bang. And I expect the same from that person. If I'm not sexually attracted to them I'll be their friend. A relationship without sexual attraction is simple friendship, not a romance.

    • Lol that girl that down voted. If your intentions are not to have a life with someone you should at least want to have sex with them at some point

  • Looks are the most important thing. Do whatever you want.

  • No. why does looks have to matter, they can be hot as hell, and dumb as a rock


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