what the fuck? he loves me? he loves me not?

he texts me 24/7 he can't go a DAY without!
he tells me everything
he hints that he likes me A LOT!

but does he actually like me?

he goes out clubbing and talks about how other girls are cute! is he trying to make me jealous? because I talk about other guys too?

(If you need more explaining I will answer questions about the situation)


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  • I'm with metal - it seems that your both screwing with eachother because neither of you have got the stones to say/do something.

    I'm not trying to be mean or judgmental - but it just seems to me that you already have all the information you need - you're just both too scared to go for it.

    Would that be accurate?

    • I'm not sure because he messes with me by saying he sees cute girls and wants to hook up with them :/ I get so upset over this. but I don't know if he's lying because I do the same... he says there is a girl he likes but he's thinking about how he feels for her. I don't want to seem like an idiot if it's some other girl.

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    • it is a shitty place to be in ill give you that - but its a zone you put yourself in out of inaction/fear/insecurity - its not them - you may find that after saying something that you have completely misunderstood things and look like an idiot or whatever - but it will be infinitelly better (in time) than having spent another useless 2-3months say in a self-imposed solitary confinement thinking what might be.

    • you're totally 100% right :) ahhh just need some confidence :(

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  • Yea he likes you BUT..

    You could also be more in the best friend zone than the girl friend zone. Now I don't know what's solution to this coz if you are in the best friend zone you can't do anything but yea if you are in the girl friend zone just wait I guess he's going to let you know.

    • he says there is a girl he likes but he's thinking about how he feels for her
      I don't know if it's me or? :(
      because he confuses me by the way he acts! urhhh

  • nothing but games... sigh

  • he is a damned player , plain and simple

  • Why dont you just ask him. Some courage could take you far.


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