What does he really want? Is he playing games?

I started dating this guy about 6 months ago. Everything was going fine at first but it seemed to go down hill. He says he doesn't want a relationship for two reasons, one because he's scared he will hurt me and because of how he's been hurt in the past. We do everything together though. We speak on the phone all day when we're not together and when we are together we're usually together all day. We both have children and we spend a lot of time together with the kids. I am not sleeping with anyone else, but he has been caught "cheating" twice. (Cheating is what he calls it) However, anytime I ask him where do I stand with him, the answer is always the same, he doesn't want a relationship right now. When we spend nights with each other we fall asleep in each others arms and remain that way throughout the night. He says he doesn't want to hurt me but at this point it doesn't matter because I already feel that I love him. I went on to ask him if I am single and how does he feel about me dating other people, he doesn't want that either, and gets upset when he finds out that I have other prospects. He's upset when I don't answer the phone and always ask if I'm seeing someone else. What does he really want from me? What should I do?


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  • Let him know that you need him to at least admit how he feels about you, because if your going to feel this way about him then you need to know, and if he has no intentions of progressing with you, then its better you both move on now before your feelings get to strong and end up hurting due to his lack of commitment towards you, x


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