Confused with the Girl I've been seeing 3 months?

Been seeing a girl for 3 months, intimacy, all that. But its long distance and i see her once every 2 weeks. We haven't had the talk about being exclusive, but she told she wasn't going to look for anybody or see anybody else.

The last 2 weeks she's become really distant and doesn't text/snapchat like usual. I still get the hope your having a good day, or a really sexy snapchat. Now i couldn't go to her friends wedding reception and i hadn't known her long enough to hang with all her friends so i politely declined and she asked her guy friend to go with her instead.

Come 3 weeks ago i really wanted to see her again, so i was asking her if i could come down and hang at the reception. She said she already asked someone else, got really defensive about it, and sarcastic saying it was my loss.

I talked to her Thursday/ Friday night and she was still the same "miss you, kissy face snapchats, and such". then comes Saturday during the reception, she posted a pic of her and her guy friend on Facebook and i saw it this morning. She was really gorgeous, but the comments were very weird to me. The guy friend was talking how he found such a great catch and he was a lucky guy, and his friend were commenting on such a cute couple.

She specifically told me it was just a good guy friend and she wasn't seeing anybody else, but you know how that turns out sometimes.I just don't understand why this would pop up, if were sleeping together and such and she's still saying she's crazy interested and we have amazing chemistry.

Any ideas?


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  • oh... honey. you're being played. from my point of view that it. you're hopeful though, thats good. I'm not sure how to help ya though. try to put up a picture of you and a girl. jealousy makes the world go round

    • so she's trying to make me jealousor just attention seeking? nothing more to it? Why does she still send me sexy snapchats of her cleavage and such. Why play games? i've already gotten the goods from her...

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