Is 4 months too soon to be exclusive from a dating site?

We are sleeping together and planning a week vacation. He said he would take down his dating profile, swore on his mothers life he hasn't slept with anyone or gone out with anyone. Last night he whispered he loved me, we were drinking wine lol.
He has issues with his ego but said he would take down his profile. Umm its still up and said he was online when I got home.
Should I dump him, go with it and give it time, or start mirroring and put my profile back up as well?

My friend just looked at his profile to see his pic. He freaking wrote her. I just left his house this morning!! You are right a rat!! EW I HATE HIM NOW!
Though we never did say exclusive..


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  • That part about him not sleeping with anyone or going out with he an angel? The fact that he's swearing on his mother's life..for me that just raises a black and red flag, separately though, if he is telling you he's taking down his dating profile, it should be down then..i mean whatever happened to honoring your word! I happen to smell a dead rat! Something just doesn't add up...{walk the walk and talk the talk @ that dude}.

    • You are so right!! He just wrote my friend on match. Im cutting him off with no reason why.. Thank you for answering.

  • 4 months? OMG men usually want me to be exclusive within a date or 2--but months? Is that normal for this generation? The answer is no it is not to soon. Kind of late actually.

    • Aw, now I see the whole story-normally 4 months is a long time, but with this situation leave em be.

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