Am I going too fast or too far?

So my boyfriend and I have been dating for about 2 weeks but have been seeing each other and going on dates for about 4 months. We had made out before. He is two grades older than me, but we really like each other. All of my friends tell me that he loves me. Anyways, the other night we were in his car and we started to make out and i took off my shirt, that's it. Did i go to far? is it too early?


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  • 4 months? lmao. Most of the time sex occurs after the third date, and if it doesn't it usually means the relationship isn't a relationship, or the person is waiting for marriage/is a religious nut job. Waiting for long periods of time is stupid and pointless. You only have one life, and ridiculous games and frivilous dating rituals only inhibit true exploration of all that life has to offer.


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