Guys do you reply?Or do this?

If a girl you don't want to talk txts u do I reply?
Ignore her and don't reply?
Tell her u don't want to talk?
Do y ask questions to her?
Do u delete her number?

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  • Tell her [lets talk sometimes] even if u don't want I to talk
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  • Delete her number
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Depends, I try to be straight forward. If that doesn't work then I just ignore her or block the number if she still doesn't get the point.

    • How are y straight foward

    • Thank you for the Most Helpful. Well, I just tell her that I don't want to talk, or whatever she feels is going on with us realm isn't because I am not feeling the same thing, or whatever, depending on the situation. I just tell her honestly what the deal is. It's a lot better than stringing her along trying to find a softer way to do it. Less damaging to just rip the band aid off all at once.

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  • Well i don't replay, and sure, i don't save her nomber :p

  • I say E. depends

    • On what?

    • If she has done something terribly horribly to meh, than never! On bright side if she's juz a random person or someone that i dont like talken to anymore, thes still a slight chance that i will reply back if i had nothing else to do or juz to chk up on them.

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