The guy asked me if we should have kissed on a second date?

I went out with this guy twice. The second time he took me to a very nice restaraunt. He acted like a true gentelman. We had a great time. He told me that he likes me.

However, the next day he texted me and asked me "do you think we should have kissed yesterday?". I said no, everything was great. We will let things happen naturally and I do like to take my time on that.

He never responded to me again. I think i feels insecure and he has low-self esteem. He is 35 though. Why would a 35 year old man ask this?


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  • Sounds as though this was a 'kiss off,' and I find it rude and crude. And for a 35 year old man to even Text a question such as this one is: Uncool. I have never been asked this. However, I have been asked: "May I kiss you?" That would have been more appropriate.
    I do believe, with his asking and antics, that he wanted to See how far you might have gone with him. So when he learned it may 'take forever' to get even a pucker from you, he got discouraged And----'disappeared.' He wasn't into waiting and dating, spending his hard earned money needlessly. Just an assumption.
    Some guys, who wine you and dine you, sometimes look for a little 'pricey dessert' after the bill has come. And being you didn't pass his taste test, I still find it strange that he couldn't have at least Replied to------Someone whom he had this 'great time with and told that he likes.'
    You're better off without him. Move on to someone more mature.xx

    • You are absolutely right! Thank you for your response 😊

    • You're so welcome, sweetie...I have guys like this One pegged...xx

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  • You're right on the money there. He has low self-esteem. Him asking "do you think we should have kissed yesterday" basically killed all the sexual tension that was building up. I'm not surprised if you friend zone him for that.

    • Yes he did, I was really surprised when he asked me that. I think it's very un-romantic to ask a girl that question. The guy should know if you want him to kiss you. Thank you for your response :)

  • lol. seems like your 'No' didn't come of as a good message to him. thats quite confusing and thats why texting someone is more confusing and breaks stuff. if you both were in a RL convo he would be able to get what you wanted to say

    • I think so, he said "hmmm" I probably thinks I am not attracted to him. But that is not true. I did tell him tha he looks very handsome. Isn't that a sign that I like him?

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    • Thank you :) You are the best!!!

    • no problem. like to help a hopeless 30y old ^^

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  • because he wanted to kiss you and wanted to find out if you want to as well

    • Yes, and when i said "no, we had a great time, we will let things happen naturally" he thought that I don't want him.

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