I had wanted to date this girl but worry I blew my chance with her?

I had meet her at local pub and seen her there a few times since then , I don't really know her that well due to age difference as she is younger than me. but she had seemed really interested in me a couple of those occasions but at one party we were both at I hit on one of her gf's cousins when she was near me and she got upset at me for that. she was obvivously very jealous and annoyed I was hitting on her.

so I didn't see her for a bit as she was away at school. but still very interested in her and saw her again last Friday as she was back home now. but she was at pub with some younger guy I had never seen before , she still seemed interested in me but sort of annoyed and I worry I blew my chance with her. i don't know if i should still pursue her or if i have any chance with her now


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  • If she is in school and only visiting, this will not working away. I dont think you have a chance just based on that

    • no she is originally from here and parents would live here. she did go to high school here and has friends in town

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    • I think she's here for entire summer next 4 months till school starts up again

    • If you are only looking for a short-term arrangemet. Then go ahead. It just didn't sound that way to me, from what i read

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  • "still pursue"? What have you done that could be considering "pursuing"? Or maybe I'm just misreading semantics.

    Anyway, you don't know you've blown your chance until she says "no" to your advances. If she showed being somewhat annoyed still, that is a GOOD sign - it means you still have some affect on her. Now you just gotta turn that affect into something positive. Firstly, you should show some direct interest, that'd be a good start.

    • well i talked to her a couple times at the pub , i don't talk to every girl i see there so that showed i was interested in her. but yeah i didn't make a big move on her or like ask her out

    • yeah, not all girls will see being talked to at a pub as a sign of interest. Especially if its a guy they've met before or see regularly at the pub. Most pubs (it is short for Public House) have a friendly, talkative vibe to them anyway, at least from my experiences.

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