How do I tell the guy I like that I want some real alone time with him?

So there's this guy that I've known for about 9 months. Ever since we met each other we just connected and became really good friends. I don't even remember HOW it happened, it just progressed and it turned into him picking me up multiple times a week to chill with him and his friends. We've been doing this for months now.

A few months after we started hanging out I ended up hooking up with him (just making out) but the next day I felt weird about it because, as dumb as it sounds, I felt like I could do better. So I ended up telling him that I wasn't sure about the whole thing and I ended up distancing myself from him by not answering his texts.

Eventually, I figured it was long enough of a time where I wouldn't feel awkward around him and started hanging out with him again. So we've been hanging out all the time ever since. The thing is though, it's NEVER alone! He always has bunch of his friends in the car with him when he picks me up, and I absolutely can't STAND one of them (we got into a huge fight and I ended up slapping him in the face and he's been so rude to me ever since). So how do I tell him that I want some alone time with him? and how do I get the relationship to progress because I want to do more than just make out with him. I did, however, just text him and tell him I wanted him to sleep over soon last night. But besides that, what should I do?

When I said something about slapping someone in the face, it was his friend - not the guy I like - that I slapped. Oops.
Oh, and we've made out really passionately a few times in the past month, and we hold hands a lot and caress each other and stuff. So it's clear we're both into each other.


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  • If you know that he is going to be picking you up soon, in the same conversation you could put across the point that you are not feeling like hanging out with a bunch of people, but instead you want to spend time alone with him. Don't forget to mention that you are feeling a little good about yourself, and you want to make him feel good too. This would definitely make him want to spend time with you alone.


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  • It seems bad that you had told him before that you wernt sure and didn't answer his texts. I think something like that might have stayed with him depending on how much he was into you. The best thing you can do is be strait with him and ask him to do stuff and can it just be the two of you. Maybe do something date wise... a movie, dinner together, a walk, etc. It seems like something could really come from this since you have been friends for a while so I think you should pursue it.

    • Yeah, that definitely makes sense that it could have stayed with him. Honestly I never gave it much thought. Like, I basically told him I just wanted to be friends and his response was "i'd rather just be friends than nothing at all". Wow, I feel so dumb now. I hope he's forgotten about it and wants to take it further now...ugh.

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  • Tell him you are sorry for slapping him. Sometimes when talking about a guy you have to get over your pride. Say you're sorry and that you don't want him to be mad at you anymore (you said he's been rude to you ever since so he's probably still mad).

    Ask him to come to your house when you are with him. But somehow.. somehow get rid of his friends. Tell him you want to talk to him alone without any other friends etc.

    good luck with this.


    • Oh, I probably should have been more clear about the face-slapping incident. That was with his FRIEND, not him. Oops! But I actually did apologize to his friend but he's really immature and didn't accept it, he just calls me a dumb bitch all the time. It's really annoying because the guy I like barely even defends me.

    • Oh. sorry :))

      so tell the guy (the one you like) that you want to talk to him and get very very close to him until he won't need his stupid friends or at least not the one you had the fight with.