Do guys value staying in contact and being friends as much as girls do?

A year ago I went on a few dates with a really great guy before he ended up moving away. We had intentions of keeping in touch and visiting each other as often as possible. And I did go visit him at his new place once and we had a fabulous time. But then things dwindled down to texting--then emailing every so often just to say Hi and stay in contact. Even that mostly stopped about 6 months ago when he started dating someone else.

I was thinking of contacting him again just to say Hello, see how he's doing and let him know that I would love to stay friends and continue to stay in contact despite not dating.

Is that something that he might like? Do guys like staying in contact with girls even if they're not dating them. Or am I setting myself up for disappointment because he just isn't going to respond?


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  • Yes we value staying in contact but much less frequently then women I think.


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  • Guys don't usually do this. Just think, it's the guys job to pursue the woman, and if he is pursuing a friendship with his ex, what would his new girlfriend think? Jealous you think?

    But if you contact him it may be completely different. He may be flattered that you are still thinking of his friendship and be really open to catching up.

    Unless you ask the answer will always be no.

  • He might like it and its something that it couldnt hurt to try. I know personally that it would probably make my day if someone told me they valued my friendship that much.


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