You see a person you just started dating in a public place such as grocery store, gym, you acknowledge their presence and how?

Who should acknowledges the other, the girl or the guy? or do you just respect their space and this unexpected event?

  • Girl should acknowledge the guy
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  • Guy should acknowledge the girl
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  • I would respect their space because we're newly dating and stay away
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  • I would stay away and leave them the freedom to approach me
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  • other
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  • You are at the very least acquaintances, so a simple hello would not be out of order, assuming that this person is unmarried and not in a really awkward situation. The person who enters another's space should speak first, keeping it simple, like a simple "Hello Biebs." If the person ignores you or otherwise displays discomfort, well of course that would mean an awkward moment for him, and you should bow out without ill feeling. More than likely, if you have dated he would be delighted to see you in a chance meeting and engage you in light conversation. A smile and a hello from a pretty girl lightens any guy's day, so why be shy?

    That you ask this question, though, might suggest a little insecurity on your part regarding proper etiquette in the given situation. It is nearly always okay to say at least hi to those you know, and anyone who snubbed you in such a case should explain unasked his/her behavior to you later.

    Have you watched those stars and presidents waving to folks in their audience before giving a speech? Even when making a speech, those people recognize and acknowledge their friends--which may be a behavioral trait enhancing their success.

    • Actually it's not an insecurity of my part, I would think and behave as you suggested and acknowledge him because for me he's even better than an acquaintance because I'm going out with him, but his behavior confuses me, it could be shyness on his part or he's not sure if it was me or someone else, he never tell me oh I saw you yesterday somewhere at a distance, and I never dare to do time I ran into him and I'm not sure if he realized I was there, but I called him and talked to him.

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    • When I decided to date, I was looking for good company, so I imagined meeting someone I like and enjoying a relationship without imposing on the person any type of commitments, so upon leaving town, it's either I' ll have a lover and a serious relationship that I can take everywhere, or I'll leave a good friend behind, was I unrealistic with my thinking? I wasn't looking for casual sex, nor a relationship..

    • Congratulations on being a very sane person intelligently thinking ahead about your social interactions. I think you will enjoy your stay where you are, but if you get involved you will have a long-distance affair, which, as you know, typically don't do well. So here I am only reflecting things that you probably already are at least marginally aware. Wishing you well.

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  • Just started dating... so I assume total strangers before that?

    If I really have a good sense that she'd be someone important to me, I'll treat her as I do for all best friends or people I'd love to know better. I'll walk up to her and have a brief chat.

    If she's someone that I have doubts about (i.e. still undecided if I should continue dating), I'll just acknowledge her. If she doesn't seem eager to talk, I'll just leave it at that.

    • should the girl ignore the guy and makes him decide if he wants to talk to her or not?

    • no it was after few dates that we were in the same place

    • In my case, if the girl seemed pleasantly surprised when our eyes met, I'll take the initiative to walk over.

      Instead of ignoring him, how about giving him a line to work on? If he spots you, smile and wave at him, then look expectantly at him. Let him know that your focus is on him now, and you're waiting for him to walk over to you to chat.

      Even if he's doing something else, as long as it's not an emergency, I believe it to be basic courtesy to at least exchange pleasantries. If I'm busy I would wave a hello over, indicate that I'm in a hurry, gesture an apology, then make my way off.

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  • Casually bump into him...approach him with a simple hey. Shouldn't be weird.

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