Our fighting ruins all the good times, help?

I get upset really easily and sometimes when i do it reminds my guy why he 'can't do this' and makes him 'forget the good times'

I generally get upset because i'm so insecure because i know my feelings are greater than his. How do I:

a) stop him from thinking that every fight is the end?
b) calm the f*** down myself!



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  • Getting into disagreements and fights is going to be lifelong. Welcome to the human experience. Anyone who says their relationship or marriage doesn't have arguments is lying through their teeth!

    To really answer A), you should tell him this. It's normal for lovers to quarrel. Tell him that. Tell him some guy on the internet named Pedantic said so (lol). Having a quarrel does NOT mean its over. Tell him that too. The death of most relationships will not be in a display of fireworks (heated argument), but will die as a faint whisper (someone wakes up one morning and realizes they just no longer care). Frequent fighting can lead to that, but one fight shouldn't do it.

    B) Try the easy ones first, like counting to 10 or taking a step back. If you're still really filled with emotion, go to your room or take a break until you calm down. Be sure to talk about it after you are calm, do not let the sun set on your anger.

  • Figure out what is triggering these fights and remove yourself from the situation or change the subject before they escalate.


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