Should I stop talking to this guy?

So I am just finally starting to get over (I think) this one guy I have liked literally my whole life. Things were going really great with him, he was talking to em and flirting with me then he found out I liked him and got really shy, to the point he hardly talks to me, only stares. And I don't want to waste anymore time on him because he obviously isn't interested.

But there is this other guy I have been talking to lately. He is the best friend of one of my good guy friends, and I had a little pool party and I invited him. Well we talked there and we got along really well. And after that we have been texting. Well actually he has been texting me, I never text him first. And I didn't respond to something he said so he sent me another message. I am not saying I like him, but I get along with him really well and I can see me starting to like him if we kept on talking.

But the only problem is, one of my best friends likes him. And she told me this a week ago or so, before I started talking to him. That's why I invite him to my pool party was for her, but he didn't really talk to her. And when I told her to text him that night, he kept bringing me up. And I don't know what to do. I mean I am probably thinking way too far ahead because I am still not 100% over the other guy, but I haven't let the problem with him bother me since I have been talking to the new guy. And I am just afraid I will start liking this guy and I wouldn't ever dream of going out with him when my friend likes him.

So should I just stop talking to him to prevent me from possibly liking him?

But I wold really like to have him as a friend we get along really well.

Or maybe I am just going through a phase since it is the summer and I haven't really seen the guy I like that much, but I know the minute I see him again I'll fall for him all over again.


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  • welll that is complicated.

    but I don't think you should stop talking to him, especially since he is possibly helping you get over this other guy. Its really difficult to get over guys you have liked for ages, and really easy to slip back, so he may help.

    However, you're right to be cautious because it is because of your friend that you know him really, and she does like him, and it seems pretty clear he likes you. Maybe stay friends with him, and try not to get too attracted, and if you do feel yourself starting to like him more, cut back on how much you speak to him.

    Another point is that if your mate doesn't speak t him saying she likes him, then she will miss her chance and I think he's pretty much up for grabs then, as she can't expect him to stay open forever. And if he doesn't like her it can't be helped, although it may hurt for her.

    hope this helped abit, not sure if it did

    • I can really see myself liking the first guy again the minute I see him, even if the whole summer I get over him. I know I'll lose all that once is ee him again haha

    • I know exactly what that's like, in fact I'm kinda in tht exact position atm with a guy, well th getting over. In tht case don't stop talking to this new guy, because you will need like a liking to him to get guy 1. I know it sounds abit like using, but that's how I'm getting over my guy 1 as such, tht I've fallen for another guy slightly and I'm finding tht now I don't like guy 1 as much.

    • Opps I meant get over guy 1.

      and I just read through that and I t sounds reli confusing.

      just keep talking to guy 2 and not to guy 1.

      if it looks like you're going to loose your mate, think about how close you are and whether you want risk the friendship.

      guy 2 will help you get over guy 1.

      tht shld b clearer :)

      and I know what that's like, I'm sort of going through the same getting over a guy I've liked for ages, and that's all because of this new guy I met.

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  • it's obvious he likes you. well, try and stay friends and if he continues to ignore your best friend, you might end up dating him. just let things take their course

  • Wow girl..i've been through the same thing.i thing you should just 4get about the first guy because that's how they always start as soon as they know you lik them they'll play hard to get and will start to flirt wit other girls even if they never did it before..thats just to hurt you..and keep talkin to ur mate's crush but not all the time maybe twice a month or week..i don't think you'll want to lose a friend over a boy..rememba BOYS COME AND GO BUT FRIENDS STAY ..just make the right decision

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