Should I go for it?

OK, so there's this guy, I've known him for a while but we don't often talk or run in the same circles, but last week we were having drinks at the same place and afterwards we hooked up. after the hook up, he said that we should do this for the summer and have some fun together and I agreed, and we both made it clear that a relationship wasn't what we were seeking. but now its a week later and I haven't seen him and I was wondering, when I do see him ( which I probably will this weekend) should I initiate something, or do you think he was just lying, and I should forget about him?


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  • If it's a casual thing feel free to contact him if you want. if it starts to seem like too much to you then yeah he's just not that interested and that yes you should move on. Usually these things are entirely up to your discretion.

    Sorry I can't be of much more help.


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  • If it's a fling thing then don't make it obsessive, it's basically whenever you feel like hanging out or "hey I'm turned on, come over" type of thing. I've done it myself and it can be very fun and it's exciting. Hang out a few more times with the same sort of "routine" you guys like and everything will be swell. Good luck.


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  • if you're going to call him be ready to give it up. if it has nothing to do with sex, it has nothing to do with you. know that all you will do is boink, that doesn't make him your friend, your therapist, that doesn't mean he will cuddle with you after or compliment you, he won't fall in love with you, if you're totally ok with being completely in tune with and only with his body then call him. make for damn sure you use protection. also, you don't owe him anything. my best bet is forget about it until he comes into the picture-figure out what you wanna do then.

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