Why won't he answer any of my texts anymore?

Me and a guy friend both recently got out of serious relationships. We have fun around each other, talk, text, and hang out all the time- or at least that was a few days ago.

The majority of the time HE was the one initiating the texting and hanging out.

We've had sex twice but hung out quite a few times. Last time we hung out we kissed but didn't have sex...

He saw me walking with my ex but I explained to him that he just wanted to talk to me and he said it didn't matter, no big deal.

At first I noticed a difference in him because he didn't want to hang out one night.

Now, for the past two days, he won't even answer a simple text message.

WHAT'S GOING ON? Please someone let me know.


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  • If he is not experiencing a technical failure...

    It may be he is trying to sort through some strong emotions evoked by seeing you with your ex. He may believe you were just talking to him, but it may have evoked insecurities and feelings within him that he was not expecting. He may not want to talk to you until he has sorted things out so he does not act (or say anything) in haste that may be cause for later regret.

    On the other hand, it may be that he got what he wanted from you (sex) and was looking for any excuse to drop you... in which case he just wants you to go away.

    Either way you should let him make the next move, and do not wait around for him to do so. If he comes around before you find another guy, check your feelings and see if you want to continue something with him or keep looking for a boyfriend.

    Hope this helps. Stay safe, stay savvy, and be happy.


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  • He could be over the fling or just really busy. Have you tried calling him instead of texting?

  • he thinks something is going on with you and ur ex, and you didn't explain to him that he just wanted to talk, yeah call or text him and tell him you want to talk to him, if he doesn't respond then he could just be over the whole fling thing...

  • You hurt his feelings... ;__;

    He seems like the jealous type.