How many of you think it was appropriate for him to dump me through AIM?

ok so I was dating this guy and my really good guy friend started flirting with me...when me and my boyfriend broke up things between me and my friend heated up. he imed me constantly and I really liked him (this wasn't the first time I liked him) we went to a party together and after stating that I was cold he put his arm around me to keep me warm and he held my hand. at the end of the night we made out before I had to go. then the next day he asked me out. we went out for two weeks and we were really close and then one day out of nowhere he ims me and says how he thinks we are better as friends and we are too close to each other to make a good couple. this doesn't make sense to me shouldn't things be easier being so close? guys, is there something he's hiding? why would he start things with me if he was gonna end it, I mean we were together before we went out, how did he not notice this then? and how many of you think it was appropriate for him to dump me through AIM


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  • Most guys at your age will "play the field", so to speak. They ask you out and get close to you knowing that you are really into them and then say they need space or think you should be friends. They do this because they want to have as many options as they can. I'll admit to doing this myself. The thing to remember here is this, if he liked you as much as you clearly like him then he wouldn't be dumping you like this. Over aim is horrible. I mean come on, what kind of guy does that. The fact that he didn't talk to you in person or even over the phone shows how unserious he was about the whole fling with you. Sure he wants to stay friends so he can have you on the backburner. It's happened to me. It sucks, yeah, but just act like it is not bothering you at all when you are around him. And of course don't do anything physical with him anymore or he'll most definitely think he has a power over you and can have you at a moments notice. Just coming from a guy's perspective.

    • Thank you very much you helped a lot

  • he probably still likes you, but he found someone else he is more interested in. in young relationships this happens a lot, just roll with it and have fun.


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