Do you think he slowed down because I said that?

Ok so this kid and I have been emailing each other every since last Tuesday. I also, really like him and it has been 2yrs. He has been really nice and has kind of been flirting with me in our emails. Over the weekend he started to slow down on the amount because well its the weekend , but I also said that I would try to control my self on sending to many Do you think he slowed down because I said that?.

The last thing we have been talking about was how much we talk to each other and how we don't get why. I sent him one last night and he hasn't replyed. We are both homeschooled and we have been talking all day last week. We have about 50 messages each day. That was during the week then it started to slow down. What should I do and what does this mean?

He also said that he doesn't reply very fast because his friends would take days and I take about minutes. Is he going back to how he used to reply or is he getting sick of me?

We have very fun conversations and the last time I saw him he tried to talk to me and was very energetic towards me. We also don't usually talk becasue well we didn't know each other very well.

What should I do? Should I back away from him for a bit? If so how long? And what should I say to him? Please also answer the ones I asked in teh beginning of the details. I would really like to know. Thank you!


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  • You shouldn't say stuff that makes the guy think he should stop communicating with you. In the future, be careful not to make it seem like the guy should cut back too.

    Try sending him a text message that says something like "hope you are not sending less txts because of that message I sent last {whatever day you sent it} I just dint want to annoy you too much

    Don't worry I like ur texts!

    Also, you should invite him to 'hang out' in whatever way possible--invite tons of people including him to a movie, restaurant, whatever, ask him about extracurriculars he thinks you'd enjoy and go to them with him, or invite him on a not-too-datey private thing--maybe seeing a good museum exhibit?

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