The perfect date?

describe your perfect date it could have happened it could be a fantasy.


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  • A perfect date for me would be

    The night before he calls me saying "tomorrow I'm gonna pick you up real early so get some sleep tonight, o and wear flip flops, shorts and a cami" I'd ask him why and he'd say it was a surprise

    The next day he comes to my house in a ford truck (love fords btw!) the ones with only three seats so I could sit in the middle and be close to him

    We'd drive for about an hour up a mountain so covered with trees you couldn't see past 20 ft.

    Then when it seems like nothing's gonna happen here, suddenly all the trees open up to a beautiful lake with crystal clear water (there's still lots of trees but you can see past them)

    Instead of swimmin in the lake he takes me for a walk under a cave of trees with purple orange and rad leaves on the ground

    a lot like this one but instead of pavement it's solid dirt


    Then when we'd come back from walking all morning we'd come back to the lake and have a picnic, so far the morning seems romantic but after lunch we walk some more then there would be branches covering up somthing, it was a 4-wheeler then all afternoon we'd 4-wheel up and down the mountain throught the trees and up jumps

    Then another picnic for dinner then we'd stick our feet out on the lake and walk around in it

    one of us would fall in the water (chilly night btw) and we'd have to keep each other warm with a fire and bein close under a blanket

    then we'd camp the night with

    4got to mention there would be kisses all along the way :)

    Not what most women consider a perfect date, but I would, it would be my fantasy


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