Dating people from workplace...

So, a few weeks ago I asked out a girl from my workplace. since I work at an amusement park, there are so many employees that I still don't know half of the people working in my own department. anyway, so I asked her out, and gave her my number but she said that she wouldn't even go out on a date as long as we were still working together. I haven't gotten a call nor a text and I don't know what to really do about it. really what I want, is to just take her out for a good time, and see how it goes, not really like anything formal, just a friendly date, well, as best as I can describe it.


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  • she seems uptight. I can understand not wanting to date a coworker in a small office type environment, but an amusement park... please. she may just be using it as an excuse, because she doesn't want to flat out say no.


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  • It could be an excuse like AudreyMarie21 points out, or it could just be that she doesn't date in the workplace.

    There is a reason for the expression, "Don't poop where you eat." I think the expression illustrates the idea so well, because honestly, there is not an easy/acceptable way to date someone at work, just like there is not an easy/acceptable way to eat where you poop.

    Best wishes.

    • Maaan..i don't know what you're talking about I always poop whre I eat..HA I'm kidding