What's a good way to initiate a first kiss?

If you aren't dating a girl, but you're both really good friends and you both have romantic feelings for one another, what's a good way to initiate a first kiss, if you're not on a date? Anything fun, creative, and romantic would be welcome, thank you!


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  • Haha, I absolutely love Hitch!

    I'm going to give you advice from a movie called Down to Earth. The first kiss is always the most important in any relationship. The rest don't matter, they're like protocol or something. But the first kiss, it's something special. And it always happens in the middle of a sentence. "Hey I just went to the zoo yesterday and the hippos were *kiss from other person."

    My point is, be spontaneous. But make sure your timing isn't horrible either. Like you don't want to kiss her in front of her little sibling.

  • you go 90% and let her come the other 10, straight from the movie Hitch


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