Would you ever date a stripper?

I read an article about an escort girl ages ago and it mentioned that she had a boyfriend and he didn't care that she was screwing other guys cause it was just her job and it meant nothing. I found this a little weird so I want to know would you date a stripper/escort/hooker etc. or have you and what was it like?


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  • He either gets off on other guys screwing his girl, they have an open relationship, or he himself is just using her for sex.

    The one time I dated a stripper it was because she was very beautiful and charming to talk to... but I could not get over other men seeing her and the suggestive behavior she had to display in order to get the tips. It felt like she was never really "mine" so I could not really be "hers". In the end it left me a little messed up, because my mind and my emotions were in two totally different places with her. My mind told me she was with me, not them, and that was just her job (which paid better than the salaries of most college grads). My emotions could not get over the ever growing sense or resentment and jealousy. I wanted to, but I couldn't. So we parted amiably.

    I guess women in those types of jobs either have to get used to only dating in that circle, or dating guys who either just want sex or get aroused by their women messing around. That is why most of the non-drug-using ones I knew had scheduled their time in the profession out to reach specific financial goals and then get out.


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  • Yes I am looking for an escort.. To date.

  • I dated a stripper once in law school. She was a law student using it to pay her way through school. I met her in one of my classes not at that club. She wasn't a hooker, she never slept with the patrons, and while we were dating she didn't sleep with anyone else. We went out for a few weeks and remain friends to this day. In my opinion you date the person, not her profession.

    However, I could never date a hooker. Sex is too intimate to sell.

    • It would be nice if you were right, but "sex is intimate" ?? Do you read these questions or see what is going on around you? Sex has unfortunately become just a thing to do with just about anyone, for just about any reason, or no reason just because they are horny.

    • Hello Katiesmuff, The questioner asked if I would, therefore I made my answer personal. "I" could never date a hooker because sex is too intimate to "ME". I couldn't buy sex nor could I have sex with a person that sold sex.

      I do live in the real world, I am just not a whore. I may be old fashioned or something, but I don't have sex just for pleasure, when I have sex it is an intimate act. I have had non-intimate sex and it is terrible. I might as well just masturbate.

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