Women who love to hang with gay men?

Is it a certain type of girl? Why do they choose gay guys instead of other girls? Are they looking for tips about guys? Do they like anal or something? Something tells me it's not the music at gay bars lol.


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  • gay guys are fun to hang out with because you talk to a guy about stuff you can't talk to your boyfriend about. They also don't complain when we go shopping, and they will tell me a straight up answer on how things look on me, because they are not trying to keep me from getting mad at them, and it's just fun to be around them. I have tons of gay bffs!


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  • It's hard finding a straight guy .. you can tell everything too and one that you can JUST be friends with you know.

    Gay guys are usually more easy to talk to. You can also ask for advise and such.

    Anddd they're just fun to be with.

    I have a lot of gay friends, its nice knowing you can talk about shopping and other guys with a GUY.

    and yeah, hope that answered your question :)

  • My best friend is a girl but I love gay men. They great friends.


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  • "Fag Hags"?

    They're usually the women who believe that all straight men want to do is get in their pants, so they just hang out with gay guys out of security.

    You know, the narcissistic women.

    Stay away from those women.

    • Is it so inaccurate? I don't think it is. Women on here complain about it all the time, from what I've seen.

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    • "If most guys want to sleep with their girl friends, then the fag hags make sense"

      I doubt that was the best example to use.

      A bit of a sweeping generalization on multiple levels, isn't it?

      That's like saying "If most Jews try to haggle for a lower price at the supermarket, then the Nazis make sense." Now, surely you cannot tell me that statement makes any sense or carries any validity.

      A much more serious Generalization, it may be, but the two share the same logic.

    • I wouldn't argue against that at all, but I'd add that the fag hags are acting appropriately to a correct generalization while the nazis acted poorly to what I assume was a bad one.