Do you think my boyfriend did it?

We've been dating for about 6 months now. I'm his first girlfriend. He's a senior and I'm a junior. I was at a meeting with my mom and English teacher and see that I have 7 zeros. I remember turning at least 2 and putting one in my folder but it was gone which pissed me off so much. My mom said it's possible that I accidentally put it in a different folder. I keep thinking someone or even my boyfriend is taking my stuff and hiding it or throwing them away so my grades fall or something.

My boyfriend is nice but is it possible? I'm also thinking my best friend did it since he would ask me at times if I finished and turned it in which I finished before. I don't know I'm so confused. Were all in the same class. I keep worrying even though at the meeting, I printed out one and my teacher said it's alright.


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  • Why would he do that? What is your boyfriend's motivation?


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