Why does she do this? seriously? tells me how she misses me and then throws an complete 180..?

Good morning everyone..

after having some time off between me and this girl.. i finally decided to call her.. cause life is difference without her.

Because she asked me if I saw her as more than a friend but i said no.. but to be honest, I wanted to tell her how I feel.. in return, I asked her if she saw me more than a friend.. she said yes but she is with someone else at the moment, we kissed and then I dropped her off back at her place. and ever since then we haven't talked and is been 2 months.

I called her one afternoon and I just threw everything out there. .I admitted to missing her like crazy, I miss the times where we would go out, have dinner, enjoy a night with each other.. and she admitted to missing me too..

but this past weekend, we were suppose to see each other.. but she texted, 'I'm uncomfortable around you'.. seriously? out of all the times we had hang out, had dinner, drinks and danced.. now she is uncomfortable around me?

I honestly don't get her, she is like an thermostat, sometimes hot and sometimes cold..

If we don't like each other, than why do we saw each other every weekend up until this? if we weren't friends, why would we be doing things like an couple would be. . Yet, she even compared me to her ex's of how I was different from the rest of them.. how no guys would treat her this way.. I put her needs before mine..

Even between our friends, they sensed there was something between me and her. I mean, whenever we go out.. we would be all over each other like we were an couple. If we weren't an couple, why would be she acting like my girl.. Hold hands, let me put my arms around her like an couple. Even random people from the clubs though we were an couple, the way we act, the way we communicate.. our actions spoke for itself.

why does she do that? that's what I don't get. I made sure she feels wanted and cared for.. now, she won't talk to me..


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  • What happened is that she may feel "uncomfortable" around you because she still has feelings for you but wants to suppress them :( It's not a good thing but I tend to do the whole "180 behavior" a lot... It's like an insecure feeling that keeps her thinking that your feelings aren't real (I'm not saying that they aren't). But that's usually why I (myself) and friends that I know do that stuff.


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  • Is she still with the other guy? She may feel guilty about having feelings for you while she's with another dude.

  • Morning :)

    Seems to me like she's playing games.. I would just let her go my friend..


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  • It's probably because you're an a-hole trying to move in on someone elses' girl? I hope he finds out and beats some sense into you.

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