He broke up with her for me but hasn't made a move what do I do? Should I make the move?

I have some serious feelings for my best guy friend. It's been going on for several months now and he knows. He was in a terrible relationship where the chick disrespected him and didn't appreciate him at all. All our friends tried to reason with him that it wasn't a good situation for him to be in. So after months of not even seeing his girlfriend and hanging out with me our friends got fed up with his situation and confronted him because while he was still in a relationship with her, he was holding on to me for the emotional support and connection he wasn't getting from her. We spent all our time together and it was like we were in our own little world. People considered this emotional cheating and I can not condone that so I freaked out on him and told him I couldn't be around him anymore.

Basically I gave him an ultimatum either he fix his relationship and breaks up with her or he stops treating me like his gf. So we distanced ourselves for a week and that entire week was hell. I cried everyday and wouldn't eat. Eventually I decided he needed to know 100% how I felt about him so I laid everything out there and basically told him I'm in love with him and after that I felt better and didn't mind giving him space.

After that he decided to break up with his gf and said it was because of what I said. I know he likes me based on his actions but I don't know cause he hasn't out right said it. I don't wanna just wait around for him cause I know he needs time after getting out of a relationship but still how should I go about this now? We're back to spending all our time together and he says it's okay cause he's single now but... I still have feelings so should I still distance myself so I don't get hurt in the end? He doesn't seem to want me to continue with the distancing which confuses me more... help!


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  • I think you should give this guy some space. Maybe he is confused and needs to figure out what he wants. It is hard to get out of a relationship with someone you cared about, but they didn't care about you..It breaks you down and makes you lose yourself. I think you need to tell him that you don't want to get hurt..and that when he figures out what he wants, then to give you a call.

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