How can I make him miss me and want me, via text?

My guy friend and I always text. He lives out of state, and he absolutely plays text games. We both have feelings for eachother... I wish he'd stop playing games.
When I do the same thing back, like ignore him (as others have suggested I do) he will ask me how I am, start conversation, but nothing actually changes.

I don't know the first thing about this, and everyone says to do it right back. Well not playing games back, for a long time now, hasn't done a thing. I wanted to give it a whirl but I don't know how. I know there's sites dedicated to guys about this sort of thing, which I feel he just frequent.


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  • I have found that with today's text toms, Many of them have this tendency to Play Head games. They put you on a pay no mind list, text you when it's Convenient with them, and they don't give a rat's behind if you're waiting on the sidelines for days on end. You're not on their 'priority top shelf,' and he's taking you and your kindness for granted.
    Yes, I have gone through it a few times. One guy I was seeing, I did give him a taste of his medicine, and he never liked the after affects. I would tell him I was going out of town (Not really though), and I told him I would text when I was Able to, for I was going to be 'busy' for awhile.
    This used to drive him insane, wondering what I was doing, when was he going to hear from me, when I would be coming back to town, and blah, blah, blah...
    You say you and he 'have feelings for each other,' but if you continue to stand for This, then you will forever be standing for whatever poop he throws your way.
    Start by being 'busy' yourself, and only text him when HE texts you for awhile. And be nonchalant in your messages. Stay one step ahead of this cougar.
    Good luck.xx


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  • let him text you first ! lol thats the game and it does work

  • May I ask how you know he has feelings for you?

    What kind of text games are you talking about?

    Personally I'd advice to only use texts to arrange a meet. Phone him all other times. That'll stop his games. Though it might start new games lol. Some people just love to play games. After all, it's known as the game of love.


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  • I have a similar situation...what kind of sites are there dedicated to this?

    Make sure you see each other and figure out if this connection is worthwhile in person (if you're interested). That's the only way to move forward with it. Games aren't going to help, except you're keeping him interested with the distance and he can't have what he gets, so he chases.

    • can't have what he wants*

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