well he went MIA again,..where in the hell did he go?

so I met this guy off of a dating site back in sept2013 n this is the 2nd time this "issue" has happened..but I had a dream about him a few weeks ago so I msged him n told him..n we started talking again basically everyday for 2 weeks, getting to know eachother more, flirting, talking about hanging out..we have a lot in common,.ok so all is good..and then BAM he fell off of the face of the earth? (which he's a Capricorn and I read that its common with them..if u read into horoscopes) If u were to re read our convos you would also be confused. so a couple days later I kinda asked what was going on..and he said "sorry goin through some things"...ok.. couple days later I msged him again just kinda sayin how I liked talkin to him n I don't know whats going on but if he doesn't wanna talk to me anymore then to please just be honest n tell me..and it said that he read it (we talk on Facebook) and he didn't say anything..whats so hard about sayin "yea I got too much goin on prob gna have to cut this out"or whatever..well now I looked at our convo and it says that the message hasn't been read yet.. why the heck would he mark it as unread? lol and yes I know ur thinking why are u even wasting ur time..but im just curious if u have any opinions why he would seem interested n then go MIA..and the "unread" message..maybe he is just going through some things and I should just be patient..and if he stopped talkin to me the first time...why would he pick up where we left off basically..months later..n seemed excited to hear from me..


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  • My guess...he is MIA while he's dating someone else he met on the daring site. When that doesn't work out...he's back. I


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