Party where my ex and her new weekend date will be coming. Should I go or avoid?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me about 2 months ago (after 10 months) as she felt that I was too nice for her and she needed someone who is more of a bast**d.

So I just tried to forget her and now not far from getting over her. Spent time in the gym and took up salsa dancing etc so I am in a great shape now and getting more attention from other girls. I am not ready to date as I am still in love with her but soon I will be.

My ex hated that I am focusing on my life instead of being upset (not in front of her. She tried to get some attention via social media etc but I kept calm.

Suddenly she messaged me this

Hi. you asked me before to let you know if I will be appearing at any parties. So - letting you know that my friend from salsa is coming to visit me this weekend and he will appear with me on salsa on fri and maybe Saturday.

I said - good luck with your new bf- she said Friend at the moment but he comes here to take me out for a date so...

When I said good luck anyway she said : well, that will be only one weekend story cos he is moving to New Zealand in few weeks... but nice to go for a date..

It felt weird. I am happy that she is moving on which is part of life but felt strange as I still love her.

She was nasty to me towards the end but she doesn't have to tell me this?

I expected something like this. Part of me feels that I should stay in but part of me feels that I should go to the party, be cool as its part of life and deal with whatever she may play. I know she will do a lot of things to get me jealous etc.

Any views please?


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  • You should go, show her you are so over her, take a girl mate or ask a girl in your class, etc out as a date. Show her what she lost and you are much happier without her


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  • Go to the party. Show her your life is good without her, because that is what she's afraid of. Don't ask me why, attention whores are like that.:)

  • i say go to the party! She's just mad because you are moving on with your life and happy. If she feels like she needs to be with a "bad guy" so be it! Let her! Soon she will see what a terrible mistake it was to have something good that she took for granted. Sooner or later you will find your true love :)

  • You should go and don't get intimidated. Let her realize that you are a much deserving guy.


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