Is it really not funny or he's just being a drama queen?

so me and the guy I'm seeing were texting today and I told him I'm writing a story about him. he said he hoped I didn't write anything bad about him so I replied " I did actually just how you made me fuck you 4 times in a night I felt so used :( " I obviously was joking but he was quite offended by that and said stuff like I always drop little hints like that which makes him feel like I want him to leave ( sometimes I joke about stuff like oh you're just using me for sex or you're seeing other girls at the same time bla blaa but I always smile when I said that so I thought it was obvious I was joking no?). anyway the last text he sent me was " thought I made you feel good turns out I make u feel used and upset so maybe I should just get out of your life I don't want to make you feel like that". i was a little bit upset so i just replied with " if that's what you want not my problem u can't take a joke" and he didn't reply to that.
Do you think he's just overacting or im really not that funny? thanks


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  • Why would you make jokes like that. Boy likes girl, girl likes boy - why would you complicate that with bad jokes. I don't get it.


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  • That was kinda harsh... Sorry but yea it was. Nobody would want to hear that jokingly or not

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