I need advice for a date with a shyness and polite girl?

Next Friday I am having a date with pretty and so polite girl

any advice or conversations to make break the ice and make the date fun

Any advice please? ?


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  • just ask her lots of questions about herself family work hobbies etc not yes no questions tho and really listen and be interested. if she's polite she will ask you back so you will get conversations flowing

    • Good advice do you think also if I starting compliment from the first date is normal

    • yes u should the compliments should be subtle not too much otherwise she ll get shy

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  • Aww she's the kinda gurl that i want in ma world! Consider yo-self lucky!

    • Thanks man and what do tou suggest for my first date?

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    • Thanks man I will keep make it sure

    • Yeap or say woah u are so fine or so beautiful today *-*