Should I tell my (BF) whats on my mind or just keep to myself and wait it out?

Well me and my used to be boyfriend for 5 months are still "talking" totaling about a whole yr now that weve been dealing with eachother. When I say dealing with eachother I mean he still comes over to spemd the night we still have sex we still go out to eat together we still call eachother baby n say I love you and ofcourse jealousy still goes for both of us

The thing that bothers me is that we aren't official right now we were but now were not he tells me he needs time to take care of his things sucj as school and work and that he cannot provide for me a full on relationship the way he knows he should he just "doesn't have time"

I've asked him is it me or is there something about me thats stopping you from making me official he says no its not you I ask are you just playing me he says no I ask well do you think that this is going to go somewhere he says he doesntknow he thinks we can but that I keep rushing him?

My things is that if he's not ready then why are we carrying on as a couple? As if wed never broken up in the first place? The only difference is that he doesn't text me as much but thats it! So if he's unsure if this is going to go somewhere but then he thinks we can go somewhere which means he doesn't know what he wants then how is ot that he still carries on with me as his GF?

So kimd of feeling like he needs time to figure out exactly what he wants of us but at the same time I'm stuck because...I love him and I'm crazy about him but this whole thing is wearing me out and I'm just becoming tired of the situation but I love to have him around too :,( I've brought thisup to him literally a tthousand times it feels but every time I'm never satisfied with the responses

What should I do here?


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  • Just wait, if you still want to be penetrated by him just enjoy it, let it be, see what happens, if someone else comes alone that you prefer then go with him, if the others are not as good, stay with him, just be cool, relax and have fun

    • So you dont think I should be expecting anything serious from him right now? Just let it be? It just frustrates me because we used to be official and now were unofficial doing official things together...all the time! As if we never broke up so im confused

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    • *how I knew he didn't want me to have his babies

    • well you are very hooked, I guess just be confident, have a lot of self trust, have ideals, groom well, and be free on bed, he won't leave you if you do those things.

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  • It sounds like you fell in love with him hard. I would love to know a girl out there feels this way about me.

    It really is hard when you don't know what to do in a relationship and you feel like you are barely hanging on. For you everything has been great. For him you are a friend with benefits. you deserve better. I know you love him and its hard but if he's not in it for the long haul and you are "never satisfied with the responses" you gotta dump this dude. :(


    I wish you the best!


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