Me and My best friends best friend...?

Me and my best friends friend been slowly getting to know eachother, he's quite shy around me but one night when we both got really drunk we slept together... I don't regret it so much just I think it means he's probably lost a lot of respect for me... He's still shy around me but did added me on Facebook a few days later... Do I have a chance to gain his respect again or should I forget about it? :/


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  • His respect for you probably hasn't changed. Not he just knows you like him and probably wants to have sex again. Nothing to worry about

  • You are kidding yourself if you think he lost respect for you.

    Girls, for the most part, that is a myth. If you've got a shy guy and after a few months of getting to know him, you bang him, he doesn't lose respect for you.


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