Do you judge people based on their dating history?

say you met a person and you like them and think their super hot.

then you find out their ex is stupid and a 4/10 at best..

does it turn you off or think less of them.even though they havint change and are still super hot..just their exs are weird? HONESTLY?

i kinda do just because it shows a little bit about who they are..wbu?

  • Yes , it makes me rethink my attraction for them
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  • No , their might be reasons why she/he liked not here to judge
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  • i would still date them, but only to see what the person is like (make sure their not crazy) lol
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  • other..and this is whyy...(explain)
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  • There are so many reasons why they have been together that i couldn't tell from the ex alone. Maby the reason i think he is retarded is also the reason she broke up with him. Maby i am completely wrong and she does see the good in him while i don't.

    Generally i don't judge people like that anyway i judge people based on (my assumptions of) who they are.
    That also means that i will judge her based on who she is and not what she does / has done (as long as she hasn't done anything i absolutely can't life with).


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What Guys Said 4

  • If their past ex's are a bunch of drug addicts or criminals, it will definitely effect my opinion of them. How attractive their partners were doesn't make me feel differently. If anything if they dated an uglier person I would just assume they are willing to look past looks.

  • People like to say the past doesn't matter.

    Whenever say someone says that, I call bullshit. A PARTICULAR thing about a person's past may not bother you, but if the past is tainted enough, and if it hits just the right note, trust me, you WILL care.

  • I speak from experience and I've definitely been judged on this in the past. I was friends with a girl, she knew my gf but they weren't friends. She also knew the girl I slept with after ending my relationship. My friend told me the girl I slept with was gorgeous but a whore. She said she thought less of me because of it. Sucks, but it happened.

  • I think C is the best idea. There might be a problem but try it out.
    My attitude when meeting people on a dating site is: ask questions, questions, questions and more questions.
    Sit in front of that chat box for hours. Not at a time of course.
    Exchange info on everything.
    If you get quick, detailed and spontaneous anwers, he's probably okay :-)
    People who play games give superficial answers and get nervous when you ask a lot.

    • ya its good to give people chances..:)...just ask a lot of questions hehelol

What Girls Said 3

  • Honestly I recently found out before me my boyfriend dated dumb party girls with breast implants. Pill-popping, hard drinking bimbos. Like 3 of them. And it did change my view of him. It made me question why the hell he is with me and I feel bad saying it but I saw him for a moment with less value.

    But I realized quickly that he had grown up and realized he should pursue someone who was actually going places lol. And I got over it for the most part. It still annoys me, but I guess it happens.

    • thank you.this is what i mean..i mean it does do some damage right?i do belive that people learn and change,, so i take that into consideration too

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    • If he was smart, he would have been able to put two and two together and already know that dumb bimbo's aren't exactly date material. It's not rocket science.

      If he was into that kind of thing at one point, that still says something, maybe not as much, but something.

    • Well they were "hot" (read: trashy) and "fun" (read: trashy) I'm sure. I've gotten comments from his friends and family about how different I am, and while I know it's a good thing it still irks me.

  • I can't judge him on that. I know for a fact that my boyfriend dated a crazy woman (a real one, she still harasses him and we've been together for nine month...) and I don't blame him for that, I know how he is now and how he is with me, that's all that matter.

  • It's his past gf's who had issues and not him. I can't blame him for that. No judgement, that's what he is.