When should I hold my girlfriends hand?

I just started dating a pretty amazing girl about a week ago. She wants to take things really slow so that we don't rush and it lasts. She asked me a couple days ago "Is it bad that I don't hold your hand or cuddle or anything yet?" I said "Nah it will come with time". She said "Yeah I just don't want to rush but I will probably be comfortable with it in like a month".

That very same night she was super cuddly and we kissed and everything, it was great. But, the next day and every day up until now (it's been a few days since that night) it's back to how it was before. She'll sit at the other end of the couch and won't hug me when she leaves or anything. I heard her telling her brother that she's happy dating me and everything so there's no problems in that aspect at all.

Should I just wait till she's comfortable and starts holding my hand, or should I slowly move in for it? Or should I just ask her if she's comfortable with it now given that one night?


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  • You have to initiate it more often. she could possibly feel a bit awkward doing it. Do it more on the daily basis, and the more she will come to initiate it herself :)

    • Thanks. So even though she said that she's not quite ready yet, I should still initiate it since she did just a few nights ago?

    • Let her know straight up that these small gestures such as cuddling are not from someone looking for sex but someone who wants to build closeness.

      And boy cuddle with her, just don't cuddle for like a whole movie or something. Cuddle for 5 min, then you stop. Have her wanting more and missing those gestures. But be the one to initiate it everyday for 6-7 min.

    • Until she does it.

  • You should ask her if she's comfortable first because the last thing you want to do is make her feel uncomfortable.


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