I used to like him, but now I'm just confused?

I finally met a guy for whom I had a crush last year. When I confessed he rejected me, but after almost one year we got in contact again and I found out he was interested in me.

Point is, I never saw him in real life until two weeks ago. Our date was a little bit awkward (he was really shy) but I realised he wasn't as cute as I expected him to be (I saw some pictures of him prior this).
Anyways, we talked a lot and eventually he confessed to me. Then, out of an impulse, I kissed him. I don't know why since I thought he's physically "not really my type". I just wanted to.
He reciprocated and... his kiss turned me on A LOT.
This confuses me even more.
I don't know what to do now, we'll have another date but I said to take things slowly because I'm a little bit confused (I recently also had a crush on another guy who doesn't like me).

Am I doing the right thing by giving him a chance? What is going on in my head? Should I just punch myself until I put some sense in my brain? XD


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  • Yeah I think your doing the right thing by giving him a chance. You just met him in person so you need time to see how things go.Even though he is not your type physically doesn't mean that it may change with time. See how the second date goes and if you don't feel the connection of the chemistry then I think you can let him go.Also if you want to get back at him for rejecting you the first time then you can reject him back.But see how the next date goes and if your really feeling him.You can always chnge your mind.


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