If you're not handsome won't women approach you even a little bit?

I'm a guy who is not considered handsome by girls my age. I'm a bit stout and tall and it makes me look weird.

Now I'm wondering if below average guy tries to talk to girls won't they give me the time of day even a little bit like allow me to talk to them. Usually if I sit next to a girl in class she'll turn to her other neighbor not even giving me a chance ( even though I have meat on my bones my hygiene is spot on).

I'm just really sad I can't even talk to women how am I ever supposed to get a date but they're making it really hard. Is this normal or is it just me? What to do?


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  • If you talk to girls as friends and approach them with a fun carefree attitude you'd be surprised what a difference it could make.
    Don't put girls on a pedestal and don't always have an incentive when you talk to them. Even if your not interested in that one girl, you'll still be able to have a laugh with that girl and expand your social circle by meeting her friends.
    The thing which makes the most difference without a doubt is personality as appearance is less of an issue for girls as it is with guys. I have a lot of male friends and I didn't initially find any of them particularly attractive - but the more you get to know people the more attractive you become.
    If you are unhappy with your body try and eat healthy and excercise regularly but do it for you, and not because you think it will help with women, as ultimately it is personality which makes the difference. :) hope this helped :P xx


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  • Women generally do not approach, we get approached

    • I try that but they won't reciprocate at all and I'm not even starting out with flirting. Just trying to be really positive and fun and basically just being a "colleague" but nothing. They're always like " yeah sure aha" and then turn away.

    • sorry to hear that.

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  • Mate they reckon if you are six foot you are doomed... so we are fucked dude

    • I guess so.

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    • I'll do my best. Thanks!

    • Also.. stop looking for potential dates, talk to girls like friends so you get used to talking to them, then when you find someone you genuinely like in your circle of female friends invite them for a coffee... get to know them and them you.. see where it leads. The worse you can do is gain a moment talking to someone interesting.. the best, who knows.